The “Siege”

"Siege" is the collective noun for a group of Herons! If you're interested in joining us, please hit the button below:


Byron Henry

Founder Associate

Prior to earning an MBA from London Business School, Byron was a Strategy & Analytics Manager at AlphaSights and technology consultant at EY. He is an excel and data geek that spends his free time traveling, playing any competitive activity, and eating

Cape Town

Demi Brenner

Founder Associate

Previously worked in Strategy and Analytics at AlphaSights with an educational background in finance. An adrenaline junkie that loves to take every opportunity to travel and be outdoors. You can most often find her boxing, doing yoga or hiking a mountain!

Hong Kong

Dominic Kwok

Co-Founder, CTO

Previously worked in Data Science at Revolut, Meta, and Spotify after nerding out as a Yale Quantum Physicist. When not swimming at West Reservoir, is responsible for Heron culinary adventures


Freddie Archibald

Founder Associate, Growth

Previously worked on Consumer Lending at N26. Happiest up a mountain, in the ocean or standing in the Pockets line at Netil market


Genevieve Simpson

Chief of Staff

Previously program managed research teams at DeepMind. Primarily focussing on building out the Heron Customer Success function. Loves food, theatre and making fun of Byron


Jacek Ścierski

Staff Software Engineer

Previously a staff software engineer at Pollen. Dreams about the katsu curry cart at Whitecross Market


Jamie Parker

Co-Founder, COO

Previously a Manager at AlphaSights, working with PE and Consulting clients. Started and sold his first company at university with Johannes, renting out formalwear out of their student house. Plays the bagpipes at his friends' weddings


Jakob Muratov

Founder Associate

Previously a manager at AlphaSights. Loves to snowboard. Favourite things to say are, "I've just sent you the order form" and "Deal"


Jasmine Lu

Software Engineer

Previously a software engineer at Profile Pensions. Loves all activities like skydiving, tennis. Has a pet turtle that can climb walls (for real!)


Johannes Jaeckle

Co-Founder, CEO

Previously founding CEO at Taptap Send & early employee at Segovia Technology. Loves talking to customers, going to Izakayas and playing chess


Oli Bates

Software Engineer

Despite multiple requests to submit a bio, Oli did not. He is a former founder and previously worked at Cleo AI and Bank of America Merrill Lynch


Tulio de Souza

Staff Software Engineer

Previously one of the earliest engineers at Permutive. A big fan of edge computing and metrics. Loving father of 3 beautiful children


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