Streamlined Intake for Commercial Lines

Heron Data helps MGAs and Carriers automate the intake process for broker submissions in commercial lines

  • Unmatched Accuracy: Achieve 98% document parsing accuracy, reducing errors and improving data reliability.
  • Lightning-Fast Processing: Convert submissions into reviewable underwriting files in under 2 minutes, accelerating your workflow.
  • Accelerated Quote Generation: Experience a 5x increase in quote generation speed, enabling quicker responses and better client satisfaction.

Ingest the submission

Heron supports ingesting submissions from multiple sources, including email, API, SFTP, and our dashboard. We handle all file formats, including PDF, Excel, JPG, Word, and ZIP.


Classify the files

Heron’s ML models classify the submission’s attachments into 50+ supported file classes. Multi-page documents are intelligently split into sub-files.


Extract and analyze

Heron’s in-house GenAI models, fine-tuned for insurance documents, extract structured data from submissions and generate the analytics to accelerate underwriting.

Extracted data is verified against the original documents to ensure accuracy and authenticity.


Validate and complete the submission

Heron’s automated broker correspondence automates the process of building a complete submission pack.

Heron ensures that a submission includes all necessary data points required for underwriting. If any information is missing, Heron will automatically correspond with the broker to retrieve the required details and documents.


Risk prioritization for pre-underwriting

Automatically rank submissions in the “ready for review” queue, prioritizing files based on completeness and adherence to underwriting guidelines, ensuring underwriters focus on the most important submissions first.


Push data to end systems

Heron pushes all data downstream to your downstream systems, such as Policy Administration Systems, CRMs, ERPs, and data warehouses.