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Turn raw financial transactions into simple, useful, and trustable data to power your most important decisions and products.

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Use Cases

Faster Business Lending

Screen and underwrite companies using our API. Recreate a P&L, calculate burn and runway, spot outstanding debt and benchmark with our Heron score. Learn more

Beautiful Transaction Feeds

Enrich bank data with canonical merchant names, URLs, logos and categories. Summarize spending by category or merchant for budgeting & planning features.

Merchant Rules

Minimize erroneous chargeback requests, reward customers for specific merchant spend, auto approve or deny merchant spend on cards, automate accounting.

Custom Classification

Map bank data to COICOP, SIC, Tax Code, Carbon Emission categories or any other taxonomy. Customize your data labelling to make Heron work for your use case.

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Build with confidence

Use our output to make critical decisions and power features. We built all the tools to give you access to, control over and trust in the data.

Secure API

We are SOC 2 certified. Data is encrypted in-transit and at-rest and we follow strict security processes.

Guaranteed Uptime

We provide uptime and performance-based SLAs to ensure we provide what we promise.

Easy Integration

We maintain clear API Docs and provide sample SDKs for integration.

State-of-the-art ML Models

Our highly skilled ML Team builds and trains cutting-edge and custom-built models.

Automated Feedback

We re-train our models frequently to guarantee we provide an always-improving service.

Personalized Support

Responsive and direct customer support via Slack or Email.

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