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Translate bank transactions into meaningful data

Bank data is the immutable source of truth for a business. We parse bank transaction data either from PDF bank statements or aggregators like Plaid.

Leveraging our proprietary ML models, we extract key information from the transactions and categorise them into your desired output.

Financial Metrics from Bank Data: unique transactions, latest balance, NSF days, ATM withdrawals, Unconnected Accounts

We work with all types of business lenders

Our customers use our products to increase revenue, speed and profitability

Revenue boost
Underwriting speed
Credit limits
Fresh Funding

We help business banks, lenders, credit cards

Parse PDF bank statements

We can automatically parse 90% of PDF bank statements with 99% accuracy, without any delays from having a human-in-the-loop

Analyze PDFs for fraud

We analyze your PDFs to detect possible fraudulent manipulation. We will return a fraud score, along with any irregularities detected

Categorize transactions

We use our proprietary ML model to analyze transactions, determine the counterparty and assign them to P&L line items

Create a cash-based P&L

We take bank transactions, group them at the P&L line item level so you can get an accurate view of revenue and costs

Visualize applicant bank data

We project revenue and costs over time so you can see your customers’ runway performance

Automate your underwriting

Set thresholds to automatically filter out applications who do not meet various criteria for revenue or profitability

Monitor your loan performance

Re-underwrite by dynamically reanalysing their portfolio. Extend more credit or manage risk based on customers’ realtime performance

Reconcile customer accounts

Identify undeclared loans, indicators of mismanaged finances, and discrepancies with other data sources

Not a lender? We can also help you

Enrich transactions

Add clean merchant names, icons, and other metadata to the data you get back from your issuer.

Automate ERP reconciliation

Combine clean merchant data with a two-way accounting integration to allow your customers to map merchants to ERP vendors or tax codes.

What our customers say

Anyone financing businesses knows that bank data is the immutable source of truth for a businesses’ financial health, it’s just really messy. Heron is best-in-class at making sense of that data. Building the tech ourselves instead of partnering with Heron would have been like hosting our own servers rather than using a Cloud provider. As soon as we tested the product, we knew it was a no brainer.

Satwik Seshasai
Satwik Seshasai
CTO, ClearCo

Working with Heron has been a hugely successful partnership for us at Torpago. We’ve been able to process applications more efficiently, reducing underwriting turnaround time by 96%, and improved our cash coverage ratio for customers by up to 10x.

Processing new applications is so much faster now, meaning that we are not only able to offer a much better customer experience with quick decisions, but also enable us to simplify the underwriting process and approve more applications.

I could go as far as saying that we almost wouldn’t be able to properly underwrite without Heron Data, or at the very least not do it in an effective manner. We would need to internally build a transactions tagging and aggregator tool, which would take us months and require us to hire data scientists, credit experts and developers

Since we started using Heron, our underwriters can re-construct an applicant's financials from bank data in minutes. It's transformed how much we can rely on bank data in underwriting.

Chief Risk Officer
US Business Lender with $50M+ loan portfolio

I built a classification system for consumer transactions at a previous company - I know how hard it is. What the Heron team have built is truly exceptional. The accuracy for business transactions is best-in-class and they have literally saved us years of Data Science and Engineering effort.

Chief Technology Officer
US Top 10 Online Lender

Build with confidence

Use our output to make critical decisions and power features. We built all the tools to give you access to, control over and trust in the data.

Secure API

We are SOC 2 Type 2 certified. Data is encrypted in-transit and at-rest and we follow strict security processes.

Guaranteed Uptime

We provide uptime and performance-based SLAs to ensure we provide what we promise.

Easy Integration

We maintain clear API Docs and provide sample SDKs for integration.

State-of-the-art ML Models

Our highly skilled ML Team builds and trains cutting-edge and custom-built models.

Automated Feedback

We re-train our models frequently to guarantee we provide an always-improving service.

Personalized Support

Responsive and direct customer support via Slack or Email.