Underwrite businesses faster and with greater confidence

Underwriting businesses is hard, time-consuming and document-heavy. Powered by proprietary ML models, Heron helps Financial Institutions (Small Business Lenders, MGAs and Carriers) to automate data entry, process documentation, analyze data, and ultimately grow revenue.

  • What we do

    Email to CRM

    We extract key details from application data (e.g. state, industry, time in business) and for SMB Lenders, bank data (deposits, debt positions etc.) and for Commercial Insurance, loss run data (claim frequency, claim severity etc.) and sync this data directly with your CRM
  • What we do


    We run your pre-underwriting guidelines against the submission, executing a waterfall of checks with cheapest first (e.g. state, time in business etc.). We auto-decline deals that don’t meet your underwriting box and auto-reply to brokers when there is missing information
  • What we do

    Bank statement OCR

    Instantly view key metrics e.g. revenue, debt positions, month-to-date calculations etc. We can parse 90% of PDF bank statements with 99% accuracy, or link directly to your customer’s bank accounts with open banking aggregators
  • What we do

    Transaction enrichment

    We annotate transactions with merchant logos that we extract from the transactions and we categorize each transaction with a P&L line item category
  • What we do

    Financial analysis

    We develop a complete picture of a company’s financial performance based on their transaction data, including their debt position, profitability, and affordability
  • What we do

    Scale your output

    Analyze more lending opportunities, faster with our dashboard. Zoom in on the companies within your portfolio and filter out the rejections
  • What we do

    Portfolio Monitoring

    Clearly monitor the performance of your loans over time. See which companies are growing and see which companies are shrinking and are at risk of defaulting
Who we help

Use Cases

We work with Financial Institutions (Small Business Lending and Commercial Insurance). We process documentation (50+ document types) and extract, enhance and summarize data used for underwriting to improve decisioning, revenue, and underwriting speed (e.g. loss run reports, bank statements etc.)

  • Merchant Cash Advance

    We help MCA Funders get from application to decision in < 5 minutes with merchant application & bank statement parsing and scrubbing

  • Commercial Insurance

    We help MGAs and Carriers get from application to quote in minutes not hours, with automated data entry, document processing and driving a file to completeness

  • Lines of Credit

    We work with short term lenders including providers of business credit cards and revolving lines of credit

  • Revenue Based Financing

    We help revenue-based financiers provide non-dilutive working capital to e-commerce or SaaS businesses

  • Business Credit Cards

    We help new-age business credit cards underwrite as well as provide merchant locking services to help their customers manage their business expenses

  • Embedded Finance

    We help embedded finance providers underwrite instantly using our fully automated process without a human-in-the-loop

  • Traditional Lenders

    We also work with traditional providers of long-term, secured credit products such as SBA loans

How we help

Application to decision in minutes

Ingest ISO submissions for Funders

Heron parses ISO email packets and classifies the attachments in your CRM, kicks out deals that don’t meet your credit box, and auto-replies to brokers

Ingest ISO submissions

Automate submissions intake for MGAs & Carriers

Heron ingests email submissions from brokers, processes attached documents e.g. Loan Loss Runs, Acord forms and pushes data downstream

Submissions intake for commercial lines

Parse PDF bank statements

We can automatically parse 90% of PDF bank statements with 99% accuracy, without any delays from having a human-in-the-loop

Parse PDF Bank Statements

Summarize bank statements

We clearly break down monthly revenue, withdrawals, MCA debits and fess on a monthly basis

Bank Statement Summary

Create a cash-based P&L

We take bank transactions and group them at the P&L line item level so you can get an accurate view of profitability

Cash Based P&L

Predict Company Events

Predict the likelihood that a company will incur an NSF fee based on historical performance

Company Event Prediction

Predict Loan Outcomes

Predict the likelihood that a company will payback their loan

Loan Repayment Prediction

Integrate directly to Plaid

Connect your customers’ accounts directly to Heron to get an automated feed of transactions on an ongoing basis

Direct Plaid Integration

Don’t just take it from us!

  • “Heron is best-in-class at making sense of bank data. Building the tech ourselves instead of partnering with Heron would have been like hosting our own servers rather than using a Cloud provider. As soon as we tested the product, we knew it was a no brainer.”

    Satwik Seshasai Chief Technology Officer, ClearCo
  • “Working with Heron has been a hugely successful partnership for us at Torpago. We’ve been able to process applications more efficiently, reducing underwriting turnaround time by 96%, and improved our cash coverage ratio for customers by up to 10x.”

    Brendan Coons Director of Risk, Torpago
  • “Processing new applications is so much faster now, meaning that we are not only able to offer a much better customer experience with quick decisions, but also enable us to simplify the underwriting process and approve more applications.”

    Brad Shaw Head of Risk & Business Intelligence, Outfund
  • “I could go as far as saying that we almost wouldn’t be able to properly underwrite without Heron, or at the very least not do it in an effective manner. We would need to build a transactions tagging and aggregator tool, which would take us months and require us to hire data scientists, credit experts and developers.”

    Matteo Majnoni Product Manager, Juni
  • ”Heron has eliminated the data entry phase of our underwriting process. We now have a clear picture of revenue, positions, and the legitimacy of the file within minutes of the submission email. This enables us to quickly say ‘no’ to applications we don’t want to fund and make faster and larger high-conviction offers to those we do”

    Valeria Bisenti Managing Director of Family Business Funding
Build with confidence

Use our output to make critical decisions and power features. We built all the tools to give you access to, control over and trust in the data.

Secure API

SOC 2 Type 2 certified. Data is encrypted in-transit and at-rest and we follow strict security processes

State-of-the-art ML

Our highly skilled ML Team builds and trains cutting-edge and custom-built models

Guaranteed Uptime

We provide uptime and performance-based SLAs to ensure we provide what we promise

Automated Feedback

We re-train our models frequently to guarantee we provide an always-improving service

Easy Integration

We maintain clear API Docs and provide sample SDKs for integration

Personalized Support

Our dedicated account managers are highly responsive and provide direct customer support via Slack or Email

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