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Get More From Transaction Data

Turn your raw financial transactions into simple, useful, and trustable data to power your most important decisions and products

Heron data output: Transaction enrichment categorisation merchant extraction payment processor

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Decode transactions

We clean, enrich, and categorise financial transactions. Extract merchant with our MerchantDB (50k+ merchants with names, logos, urls, PageRank), identify recurring subscriptions and inter-account transfers, and categorise transactions with labels that work for you

Clean transactions and categorise with your custom labels
simplicity. utility. trust

Build with confidence

Use our output to make critical decisions and power features. We built all the tools to give you access to, control over and trust in the data

  • Secure and easy API
  • Best-in-class ML models
  • Clear documentation
  • Postman collection
  • Feedback loop
  • Personalised support
  • Guaranteed uptime
Build on top of Heron Data API
visualise. analyse. monitor

Understand your users

We summarise and evaluate the transaction history of your users. Whether you're analysing credit risk, forecasting cashflow, calculating carbon footprint, or anything in-between, you can easily understand and monitor your users' financial position with our HeronUI, API, or spreadsheet export function

HeronUI - user interface to understand customer transactions and summarise spending

Use Cases

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Business Lending

Screen and underwrite companies with confidence. Recreate a P&L, calculate burn and runway, spot outstanding debt, benchmark with our Heron score, and more. Click here for info

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Transaction feed

Display clean descriptions, merchant names, merchant logos and categories. Summarise spending by category or merchant for budgeting & planning features

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Merchant Rules

Minimise erroneous chargeback requests, reward customers for specific merchant spend, auto approve or deny merchant spend on cards, automate accounting

Custom labels and categorisation
Custom categories

Map bank data to COICOP, SIC, Tax Code, Carbon Emission categories or any other taxonomy. Customise your categorisation to make Heron work for your use case

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