Understand and benchmark a company in seconds with Heron’s Scorecard

  • 24th May 2022


Bank transaction data is one of the most widely available and tamper-proof data sources on any company. It’s easy to share, and always up to date. However, extracting quick insights from this data is difficult. Unlike accounting data, bank data data is unstructured and not normalised. Heron Data helps over 65 lenders and fintechs from 12 countries understand and evaluate businesses using bank transaction data. We have enabled customers to speed up their manual underwriting process by 5x and have helped them avoid giving out millions of dollars in loans to high-debt or otherwise risky applicants.


Today, we’re excited to launch a new feature that will make it even easier to extract these types of money-saving insights from bank data: Heron’s new scorecard. Instead of calculating features from categorised data, the scorecard enables our customers to quickly see a range of insights. For example:

  • Completeness and quality of data: Unconnected accounts, range & density of transaction data
  • Risk flags: (Lack of) tax payments, large ATM withdrawals, insufficient funds or overdraft fees
  • Debt metrics: Size and recency of debt, number of lenders, debt service coverage ratio, debt repayments
  • Traditional finance metrics: Change in closing cash balance, Cashflow from Operations, Revenue collected, etc.

The scorecard can either be seen in Heron’s dashboard, or consumed via API to power underwriting models or be shown back to underwriters in their normal underwriting environment.


To give each metric context, we’re also showing you how each metric compares to all companies across your portfolio. On an opt-in basis, you can also see how it compares to the combined portfolio of all other Heron customers who have opted-in. For example, you can see whether the data quality of a company is worse or better than average or whether its debt service coverage ratio is above or below 90th percentile across your entire portfolio, etc.

Find out more

To see the scorecard in action, you can watch the video below. To find out more, book a demo!