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About Us

Core Team

Ahmed Ahres

Machine Learning Engineer
Early Machine Learning Engineer at Revolut. Previously a professional tennis player ranked #1 in Tunisia for his age range. Loves building games when not shipping cutting-edge ML models.

César Ferradas

Software Engineer
Spent time building the core backend of allplants and VectorAI. Previously co-founder of a venture-backed startup in his native Peru while studying Computer Science at UCL.

Dominic Kwok

Co-Founder, CTO
Previously Head of Data Science at Revolut, worked as a Data Scientist at Spotify and Facebook, and used to nerd out as a Yale Quantum Physicist

Johannes Jaeckle

Co-Founder, CEO
Previously led London Fintech Taptap Send as its Managing Director. Early employee at Segovia Technology, a payment infrastructure start-up acquired in 2019

Jamie Parker

Co-founder, COO
Previously a Manager at Alphasights, working with PE and Consulting clients. Started and sold his first company at university with Johannes


How is this different to other solutions?

We offer you the ability to define custom categories
that fit your use case specifically. We will fine-tune our general model to your specific category labels.

How much does it cost?

Basic enrichment starts at $249 per month. Tier-based pricing for custom categories is available - just talk to us!

What data can I use this with?

We work with companies that pull bank data via many different third-party providers (e.g., Plaid, Yodlee, Tink, Truelayer) as well as with companies that issue cards or host checking accounts.

Is my data safe?

Yes. Data privacy and handling is very important to us, and we adhere to GDPR regulations and other standards when processing data. We are registered with the UK ICO under registration number ZA757776

What if I want to keep my in-house  model?

If you already have a classification model but would like it primed with perfectly labelled data, we can help. We label and return datasets asynchronously for a per transaction fee.

What else can you do?

Whether it's balance forecasting or subscription identification, if it's hidden in financial transaction data, we can help! Whatever your problem, feel free to book a call and we can discuss further.

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