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Heron Data Blog

Heron Data launches Bank Statement Parsing & Fraud Detection

99%+ accuracy parsing for ~90% of bank statements in seconds with built-in fraud detection

Torpago partners with Heron Data to 20x underwriting speed

Torpago partners with Heron Data to 20x underwriting speed

Three ways Heron Data helped me make better lending decisions in a downturn

Joe Foster walks through how he previously used Heron Data at Forward Advances to underwrite companies in challenging ma...

Understand and benchmark a company in seconds with Heron's Scorecard

See a company's debt situation, risk flags and financial metrics in seconds with Heron's scorecard.

SOC 2 Type 2 Certified Transaction Categorization and Enrichment

We're proud to share that we've received our SOC 2 Type 2 security certification!

Start analyzing bank data without writing a single line of code

Customers are now able to upload files of bank transaction data to get started with Heron quickly.

Visualize a company's financial health with our new dashboard

Underwrite with our dashboard to benefit from beautiful visualizations and quickly understand a company's health.

How to replicate a Heroku infrastructure in Kubernetes

Earlier this year we migrated our entire systems from Heroku to Google Kubernetes Engine. Here we share how we did the i...

Heron Data launches free merchant extraction API

Make your transaction feed delightful with our free merchant extraction endpoint.

Heron raises $1.2m to help FinTechs make sense of bank data

We're delighted to announce our first funding round!