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The Team

  • Ahmed Ahres

    Machine Learning Engineer

    Early Machine Learning Engineer at Revolut. Previously a professional tennis player ranked #1 in Tunisia for his age range. Loves brunching, building games and bringing positive energy to the office.

  • Cesar Ferradas

    Software Engineer

    First engineer at allplants, where he built the backend from the ground up. Co-founded an EdTech startup while studying Computer Science at UCL. When not in the command line, he enjoys making puns and playing table tennis.

  • Dominic Kwok

    Co-Founder, CTO

    Previously Head of Data Science at Revolut, worked as a Data Scientist at Spotify and Facebook, and used to nerd out as a Yale Quantum Physicist. When not swimming at West Reservoir, is responsible for our culinary adventures in trying new restaurants and home cooking.

  • Johannes Jaeckle

    Co-Founder, CEO

    Previously founding CEO at Taptap Send & early employee at Segovia Technology. Loves talking to customers, Izakayas and chess.

  • Jamie Parker

    Co-Founder, COO

    Previously a Manager at Alphasights, working with PE and Consulting clients. Started and sold his first company at university with Johannes, renting out formalwear out of their student house. Plays the bagpipes at his friends' weddings!