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Cashflow-based underwriting from bank data.

Recreate a P&L statement to assess applicants in minutes. Lend with confidence.
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Supercharge your underwriters

Let your underwriters focus on the edge cases. Automate the rest and write more business

Faster lending descisions

Use Heron to screen out or prioritise applications automatically

Expand your addressable market

Every company has bank data. Don't be restricted to Amazon, Stripe or Shopify integrations

Be more confident in your decisions

Ensure other datapoints are reflected in applicants' bank accounts. Reduce fraud

< 30 seconds
Turn-around for a sync payload of bank transactions
Average time saved for underwriters per applicant
Typical accuracy for async classification

Take a step towards real-time decisions

Use clean and categorised bank data as an input for  risk models, portfolio management, and more

  • Easy API Integration
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Customisable model;
    Exclusive to you
  • Plaid, TrueLayer, or other:
    all data types supported

Trusted by fast-growing tech-enabled lenders

And others with a $200m+ combined debt facility

What our customers say about us

"Since we started using Heron, our underwriters can re-construct an applicant's financials from bank data in minutes. It's transformed how much we can rely on bank data in underwriting."
Co-founder & CRO, US Business Lender with $50M+ loan portfolio
"I am truly shocked at how good your classification is"
Head of Product, UK Fintech
"I used to label each transaction, now I just review Heron's output"
Underwriter, US Revenue Based Lender

Heron has categorised over $39bn of business transactions
across 18 currencies


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