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How To Add Merchants To Deserve Data

We started Heron Data because we learned when building our own fintech that it's easy to issue cards with Deserve but often you get back raw, messy bank data.

Ideally, you want to show users a beautiful, clean, and uniform feed where it is immediately obvious where they spend.

We built this by creating a database of tens of thousands of the most common merchants, collecting all of the different ways they could appear in bank data, sourcing logo and icon SVGs, checking to make sure they are right, and categorizing them.

Even after doing that you'll need to train some ML models to catch merchants that can't be caught with a token-based approach and then you'll need to spend a ton more time getting your latency low enough to work in realtime.

You could also do all that, or you could use our merchant enrichment API. The integration can take as little as two hours and pricing plans start at $100/month.