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Cashflow-Based Underwriting From Tink Data

Using Tink data to evaluate businesses allows you to underwrite on up-to-date, reliable data that is available for virtually every business. This can help you expand your addressable market, catch fraud and make loans faster.

However, bank data is fairly hard to work with: it comes in different formats, and it's hard to know what each transaction is, let alone derive actionable metrics from the data. We've built Heron Data to solve this problem. Once you have the Tink data, you can send it to our API or manually upload it to our dashboard and within seconds get all the information you need to make a lending decision about a company.

We process the raw transaction data and return the most useful features for underwriters to lend with confidence and 10x faster. These are some of the calculations we return:

  • A reconstructed cashflow statement
  • Top-line revenue and cost of goods
  • Metrics such as average balance, forecast balance and runway
  • Risk flags like unconnected accounts, debt collection and NSF transactions

Here's an example of some of the cashflow metrics we provide in our dashboard after connecting your Tink data to Heron:Balance metrics from Tink

We have detailed documentation on how to achieve this in our SMB Underwriting documentation. We'd love to help you increase your addressable market and underwrite faster. If you'd like to try us, book a demo.